Common Questions

01. How many licenses do I need?

Rankz tools are licensed per user, which means you need is one license per user.

02. Can I use Rankz from multiple computers/mobiles/tablets?

Rankz is a cloud-based SaaS product, which subject to single-user license agreements. You can access Rankz with your account from any number of devices from any location.

03. Do you provide Customer Support Service?

All premium customers as well as users of the trial version of our tool are eligible for FREE customer support service.

You can use live chat widget located at the right bottom side, or write us on in order to request for the support.

Purchasing and Payments

01. What is the process of purchasing?

All you have to do is place your order from "Subscriptions" menu situated under "Account Settings" page from your Rankz dashboard. Once your payment goes through, a confirmation is sent via email with your payment details and the account will be active immediately.

02. Will my order be secure?

Yes! In order to protect our customers, the order forms on our web site are run on a secure server, utilizing encryption technology to safeguard all transactions from unauthorized viewing. Your personal information is kept secure and will not be transferred to other parties.

03. What payment options are available?

Currently we are supporting Stripe (Credit/Debit card) and PayPal for accepting payments.

04. Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

When you decide to purchase Rankz, we offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee. Meaning, this is a 100% risk-free offer for you.

05. After an order has been placed, how and when can the fully active product will be delivered?

Once the payment is received, a confirmation email will be sent. Your account will be active as soon as payment is successful.

06. How do I get an invoice?

Your invoices will be delivered to your registered email ID as soon as any purchase is successful.

07. Do you offer any affiliate program?

No. We do not have any affiliate program at this point of time.

Rankz Features

01. How many search engines are supported by Rankz?

Currently we are supporting Google search engine, along with rank tracking in 140+ countries.

02. Is Rankz available in different languages?

You will be able to track keywords in 80+ languages using Rankz.

03. Does the tool support proxy querying?

Yes. If needed, you can always protect your IP address using all Rankz tools from behind a proxy.

04. Is Rankz search engine friendly? Can using it hurt my website in any way?

Rankz sends to search engines the same kind of requests a web browser sends and uses a number of advanced safety features that make sure search engines perceive all the software's requests as human-made. Furthermore, when Rankz sends a request to a search engine, the request contains only the keywords, not the website. This means a search engine has no way of making a connection between the IP address of your computer, where Rankz is running, and your or your client's website. If this was possible, anyone could send a fake request to a search engine with their competitor website in order to get them banned. So, using this tool can not hurt your website.

05. How many sites and keywords can I manage to track with Rankz?

We have various plans available for various needs. You can check all our plans and pricing on our homepage. If you are looking for any customizatios or increased limits, you can write us on