Bulk Domain Availability Checker

Check domain name availability status of thousands of domains in a matter of seconds. 45+ TLDs supported.

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About Bulk Domain Availability Checker

If you are an experienced SEO, you must have realised the value of using expired domains to rank your keywords in SERPs. Using expired domains to rank your keywords has two major steps:

  • 1. Finding the right and relevant expired domain.
  • 2. Restoring or Redirecting it to your money site.

How to check domain name availability in bulk?

We have been working around the tools for SEO for last 6 months (thanks to our experience of rankings thousands of keywords since last 7 year) to make the process of finding domain name availability check process faster and accurate.

Here we present Bulk Domain Name Availability Checker tool by Rankz, which allows you to check the status of 45+ TLDs in a matter of seconds. We use high-scale infra at our backend which gives us results at the speed of light.

Currently our bulk domain availability checker tool is free and in future we are planning to add a support to run an availability of your chosen domains (be it 100 or 2M) periodically, without your inputs and alert you as soon as any domain becomes available to register.

Note that we are not affiliated with any of the domain name registrant or any third party SEO tool/agency. The results of our tool might vary based upon the underlying results we get from our technology partners.