Domain Authority Checker - Bulk DA PA Checker by Rankz

Check Domain Authority and Page Authority of 200 Domains in one go and find good quality domains for your backlinks generation campaign.

If you are a beginner or even experienced SEO/affiliate marketer, you must have heard about "Domain Authority" while learning the basics concepts around.

Introduction to Domain Authority and Page Authority

Domain Authority aka DA was introduced by a popular SEO company called Moz (formerly SEOMoz). Moz uses complex algorithms to calculate the domain authority, which essentially is a number on a scale of 0 to 100. The higher Domain Authority(DA) implies great search presence. Last month itself Moz has changed their algorithms of calculating domain authority.

Alongside with Domain Authority, Moz also calculates "Page Authority", which essentially is a rating of specific URL on your domain. Both metics are useful while deciding the quality of specific domain/page. However, there are no references about DA or PA in any of the official document by Google.

Now there has been instances where people wants to check DA or PA of multiple domains at once and there is no solution available out there (unless you've opted for Moz APIs). So we took matter in our own hands and built Bulk Domain Authority Checker tool.

How our bulk domain authority checker works?

Currently we are allowing you to check 500 domains or URLs at once using our tool and if you need custom solution/higher limits, you can write us on and we will help you with that.

Note that we are not affiliated with any of the domain name registrant or any third party SEO tool/agency. The results of our tool might vary based upon the underlying results we get from our technology partners.